TV Video Resumes is the leader in web-based demo reels for television news professionals, as well as demo reel production services.

TV Video Resumes was founded by Mathew Sheen. Regarded as one of the most experienced video resume producers in the country, Sheen has a long list of distinguished network and local news talent and program hosts as satisfied clients. Since 1996, his services have been used by leading talent agencies, included 3Kings Entertainment, Alan Sanders Media Group, Evolution Media, Rob Jordan Talent Management, and Ken Lindner & Associates.

A graduated of Boston University's College of Communications and Pepperdine University's School of Law, Sheen served as a talent agent, worked in local television news, and has extensive knowledge of entertainment law. He began his career as an assistant editor on NBC's daytime magazine, REALlife, and served in a number of positions at WHDH (Sunbeam), KTLA (Tribune), and WPBF (Hearst-Argyle). With a proven track record of success, Sheen's experience provides unmatched expertise in knowing how to create, package, and market your professional video resume.